I recently listened to this entire talk, from start to finish, and the last ten minutes are nothing short of frightening, in terms of the realizations. I don’t think anyone can grasp the magnitude of what’s taking place around us, especially with complete media complicity.

Between this talk, Gilad Atzmon’s talk i saw a few weeks ago, and the trailer i watched from the 2012 movie “The Gatekeepers” where 6 Shin Bet directors are interviewed and all seem to agree things have gone way off track, i can only imagine, who’s behind all of this? If the Jews themselves realize the creation of Israel was a giant mistake, why do these agendas continue to be pushed? Who is pushing them?

I don’t expect to have any answers, although, seemingly, as we’re maneuvered into more war, i have to wonder about the leadership on this planet, but more importantly, the people who blindly follow.

Instead of working towards sustainability, renewable energy and resources, the same old actors are pushing for more destruction and chaos. Yes, I’m talking about guys like John McCain, John Kerry, Bill Kristol and all the other PNAC traitors working behind the scenes to start WW3.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning how our own police forces are trained in Israel, make sure to watch until the very end, this could explain a few things…