It would seem the powers that be are following last century’s playbook, but WW3 can’t start if everyone understands the manipulations and decide they have better things to do with their lives than die for someone else’s profit margins.


“Published on Dec 26, 2014
ISEEK 2014, Nottingham, UK

Given the decision by the UK to go to war yet again, and the precarious position in the Middle East, Ken O’Keefe will discuss whether we are therefore on the cusp of a world crisis? And how do we need to respond to this as a community?

Ken O’Keefe’s is an ex-US marine and Gulf War Veteran who is working tirelessly as a human rights activist, helping those who are oppressed around the world. Formerly renouncing his citizenship of the United States in 2001, he now considers himself a ‘World Citizen’, and seeks to benefit humanity at large.”

Recorded by Qiyamah Media: